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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
And A500's, what are the downsides to these ones?
They don't have AGA so a small percentage of games don't work.
They only have a 68000 CPU so a small percentage of games don't work.
They don't have an integrated hard drive controller so you have to use floppy disks. Or buy an extra hard drive controller.
They are very large. Huge with an external hard drive controller. Too large to be on display all the time in most living rooms.

Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
Because i could probably pick one up on ebay for like £10 if im lucky enough.
Easily. They are so common you could almost certainly find one on eBay locally (within a week) and save on the postage.

But if you play the waiting game, you could get a yellowed A600 for £10 locally on eBay. I did. I had to wait about four months but the right auction finally came along.

Collection only auctions usually go for the least amount of money. Do not discount them just because you do not live locally. Ask the vendor if they will box the items and print out a cover label. If they will then use they collect on your behalf and deliver to you. Usually for the same price or cheaper than auctions where the vendor will deliver.

If the vendor does not have the flexibility to have the item collected from their home during the day ( cannot give an accurate time) ask them if the item can be collected from their place of work. If they work in an office most are fine with this.

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