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Just tested a DS homebrew remake of Deflektor obviously named Deflektor DS.

Truly an Amiga remake because (from the readme):
"Graphics were drawn based on the Amiga version, gremlin sprites are from Lufia II "

Two methods of control: one fully based on stylus (selecting and rotating) which is a bit too much sensitive to my liking) and one using the stylus to select and the pad (perhaps buttons to rotate).

There is also a remake of Archon, Archon DS (link from a news site with working download link). It was apparently abandoned and the author's site seems to be dead/down.

The version I linked to seems to be the last one released. It is playable but not really complete (for instance, there is an early IA for combat phases but not for the "board" phase).
I am not sure it deserves to be on the list but I'll let you decide and think it is still worth mentioning it here (let's dream that the author/somebody reads here and decides to resume the project ).

And yes, MDK?
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