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A1200, installing a CF HD and Classic WB

I've got an A1200 with the original WB 3.0 disks due to arrive today nothing fancy but I do have one of these to plug into it with a choice of 4MB or 8mb of RAM:

As well as this I also have a 2MB PCMCIA SRam that could plug in the side if need be if I decide to stick to 4MB on the card. I have also picked up Amiga Forever, WinUAE and the full version of Classic WB. I'm going to throw a 4GB CF card into the A1200 as a HD, copy over all the WHDLoad (registered) and KGWHD for all my gaming needs and with the ClassicWB having them as part of it seems ideal.

I also have a CF transfer kit with a 2GB card that I can use to swap stuff onto the new HD when needs be. I'm looking for the easiest and quickest way to setup ClassicWB and the transfer times from CF to CF via the Amiga is horrendous so I think a PC based solution might be best.

Had a poke around the Amiga Forever disk (which has an amazing version of WB 3.1) but wondered if this would help me setup the 4GB card on my PC to use as the Amiga's HD. All the WinUAE stuff I've read on the net seems to be ubercomplicated so just after (more ) advice.
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