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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Wow, that looks good and at a decent price. 6 + 2 +1 buttons is a good thing in terms of flexibility, unlike those gamepads with only 4 face buttons.

One question if you don't mind .
The description mentions: "Slow Motion Function"

What is that exactly? How is it activated? I don't see the triggers being used for that nor the start button.

From what i know from mega drive pads, slow motion was simply a shorted start button, i mean, it acted as if you repeatedly pressed the start button, hence the stopping and playing you got. This of course has drawback on those games where the start button was used for a menu or another purpose.
I had a pad that have this implementation. At first i thought it was malfunctioning, because the game i was testing used the start menu for options and items, but then, tested with golden axe, it showed it up. The same as if i were pressing the start button repeatedly.
Maybe, on this pad, performs differently, but being sega, could be the same.
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