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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
You are wrong Pinball Dreams was not review copy, better check Skid Row intro for info. Maybe Curse of Enchantia can be review copy, but this (4 disks) version is perhaps not available on the net for test, I overwrite my version with final version. And if I remember right in one of previous mail you wrote that Saint Dragon was full version. That's all.
BTW. Review copy was Tearaway Thomas (another FLT crack ?), then you can add this game to uncracked game lists.
You're confusing yourself.

It is possible for a review copy to be the full version, but the software company certainly don't expect it to be leaked and cracked. Obviously in the case of Curse of Enchantia, Core Design protected their game by it not being the full version, but enough of the game was there for a magazine to give a fair review. If it got leaked, then Core know its not the full game.

St.Dragon was the full game, the only thing missing on the Skid Row version was the Copylock that was on the final master, because they didn't expect St.Dragon to be leaked from a magazine to hackers.

No idea about Tearaway Thomas, pretty sure its the full game as several people have completed it, and considering the only copy protection on Tearaway Thomas was the document check, which appears at the start of the game.
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