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25% scanlines + light x/y interpolation+high res output. The higher res you go, the sharper the filtering is. I like a slight analog filtering and most emulators do this as standard filter, just upscale to a higher res. 25% looks best, and is close to what "scanlines" look like to the human eye - even if the method is incorrect. Real scanlines (not the missing ones, but how tall the beam is) are larger than the display res. Because on interlaced displays, which amiga originally used (and other consoles too), rely on overlapping scanlines to reduce the flicker of interlacing field artifacts for great than the time it takes to fields to make a highres frame. When in progressive mode on those old type of 15khz displays (TV or old monitor, composite or RGB), the skipped scanline space isn't exactly the width of the displayable scanline around it. So therefore, isn't not 1:1 like in the original pic by the original poster. But.. if you got one of those highres multisync monitors BITD, you *would* see close to 1:1 gap between scanlines - because those multisync monitors used very thin beams. I personally don't like the look. 100% scanlines, I'll pass. Hq2x filter - f*ck no. I *hate* that look. I'll take "full" pixels with a bit of filtering if I can't have the setup I first mentioned. But full pixels and super edge-y no filtering for such low res sources? WTF people? Maybe on a 14" monitor or something ;>_>
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