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Paul_S, I forgot about those Elbox expansions. I wonder how they compare to the DKB 1202 (the best RAM card for A1200 in my opinion). They both have FPUs, Real-Time Clock and the option for up to 8MB, but I wonder if the Elbox model is PCMCIA slot compatible. By using two 4MB SIMMs, the 1202 (using a small software patch in the Startup-Sequence) can detect if the PCMCIA slot is in use, and allocate only 1.5MB from the second SIMM, as well as the full 4MB from the first, giving you the maximum available RAM for a 020 with the PCMCIA slot in use. From a few comments I've read, the Elbox model isn't compatible with the PCMCIA slot at all, and needs to have a jumper set to disable it to work properly. I'd hope there's a way around this.
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