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Originally Posted by dave4shmups View Post
OK, thanks for that info; I had it backwards. So, with the CDTV, can you add on any disk drives to "turn" it into an Amiga 500 (which, AFIK, it basically is)? I don't know if there's any ports for that on the back.
Yep, you can add diskdrives/keyboard/monitor/serial (modem) /parallel (printers) et al to turn it into a fully fledged A500 - a luxury one at that.

The CDTV has more expandability from stock than the later CD32 in that department. With the CD32 you had to buy something like the SX-1 to even get the disk drive ports etc.

The CDTV though was more of a multimedia machine than a games console. Better build quality too than the flimsy plastic that the CD32 came in
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