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Originally Posted by NoULTalk View Post
I think that biggest retard in whole this is Mug UK - main admin there.
I think that you are the biggest retard cos MugUK is not a Sysop he's just forum Admin. Silver Surfer is the Sysop. Mug doesn't have the access required to telnet in and fix anything.

Originally Posted by NoULTalk View Post
According to what was last year with Atarilegend - down for some 4 months, we may expect similar with AF
AFAIK, details are a bit fuzzy, the owner of Atari Legend (brume) quit the scene and took his account / equipment and data with him. Several Atari sceners did their best to get it resurrected. I was truly surprised we ever saw that site back ever.

Don't slag people off if you don't have the true facts.
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