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Ok i see, i dont have a CF card, but i do have a CF card slot on my PC, actually my pc came with loads of slots i dont use, has a memory pro duo slot, xD card slot, SD card slot, CF I/II slot, 11 USB Ports and loads of other stuff lol.

I think i need to do some more research on Amiga's. Is the 1200 a good Amiga to get? I heard the best is the A500, but that doesnt allow networking and it misses out on quite a bit i understand. Im not sure about the A600, but i heard some people on other amiga forums saying it was awful, and said the A500 was the best amiga.

EDIT: Unfortunately i havent been to a car boot sale in years i went to one last year but that was the first time in probably at least 4 years, i dont really live in an area with that many near me, i'd probably have to travel more than an hour before i got to someplace that would have a large car boot sale. I did see one when i went to a car boot sale when i was on holiday last year.

Thanks to everyone who's helped me.
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