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writing a mac classic disk using amiga floppy drive

So I am in a situation; I found a Powerbook 150 (a mac from 1994) in a skip and, curious, brought it home.

I would love to get it running again. I imaged the hard disk from it and it seems there is plenty there, but when I boot it I get what I assume is a non-system-disk error, so I imagine I will need to reinitialize the drive and so on. Since I can get System 7.5 from apple's website, the first thing I need to do is get the thing to boot from a floppy, but this is full of all the usual catch-22s you get dealing with old machines.

Now I have an old PC laptop running linux with a floppy drive, but that drive seems to be faulty. I also have my trusty amiga 1200 to which I can get files no problem over a network, but I have no desktop macs (the closest I have is a netbook running osx).

The logical thing to do would be to get an image of a bootable disk onto the amiga and write it to a floppy. I know that if I was able to get a floppy drive to work in Linux I could simply dd the file to the drive. Is there any equivalent of dd that can write an image raw to a disk for the amiga, circa Workbench 3.1?

I know there is a program called transdisk, but it deals with ADFs, which I believe are somewhat different than say, IMG files. I have a feeling I'm going to have to do something bizarre like run a mac emulator in winUAE before I figure this out.
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