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No its not an accelerator card and to be honest there no point getting an FPU for what you will be using your Amiga for.

Your Amiga 1200 has a 68020 processor running at 14mhz an accelerator card has a 68030/040/060 processor running at 33-66mhz depending on the card you choose. These cards will help you run the likes of OS3.9 and the games/apps that require a faster Amiga setup.

Again for what you are using your A1200 for a bog standard memory upgrade which you have purchsed is perfect for the job. You've paid a bit of a premium for it but at least its boxed and looks to be in immaculate condition so thats nice

On ebay they tend to go for around £45 but accasionally a little cheaper, a few have sold on here for less but its quite a waiting game. I was looking for ages and ended up paying the £45 premium on ebay...

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