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ClassicWB is all about creating a nostalgic Workbench to give you that Amiga feeling when playing games. You can play music through Eagleplayer, launch games without trawling through drawers, create your own game icons easily, boot directly into game launchers (even better when KGLoad is finished) the vid for an idea if you haven't already:

It just makes your A1200 much nicer to use than a standard install, even if you are just playing games. You have the perfect setup - A1200 plus 4MB fastram. Obviously 8MB is better, but everything will work fine with 4MB if it stops you working with the PCMCIA port.

You're not only limited to ClassicWB, AmigaSYS offer a pack too:

Of course you can just have a standard install, but packs like this help you to get more out of your Amiga and saves loads of time trying to track down all the right files.

The LITE is quite close to a standard install if you don't want all the extras and all packs can of course be cut down and customized quite quickly in WinUAE.

Or you could build your own install and just use the ClassicWB packs for ideas or to pilfer files and programs you want.
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