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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
No problem
With your card it it wont be too easy to change the simms over, with it in the machine. Does it have a jumper you can set for PCMCIA compatibility? Worth having a look on the board and in the book. I can't tell from the pic...

Definately check out the Classic Workbench packs, they come pre installed with lots of useful extras such as IGame and screenshot packs for IGame which is a very nice WHDLoad games front end.

Look at the Classic Workbench Lite and Full packs, you could try them first on WinUAE to see how you like them? Then its just a case of transfering all the files to your hard drive

Have fun with your new project.

Will have a nosey at the card tonight to see if there's any jumpers to change

I'll download a copy of WinUAE and see what ClassicWB is like, never even thought of that
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