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A step up, A600 to A1200 ownership

I recently went through the process of buying an A600, installing a CF card HD, buying SRAM etc to upgrade my trusty A600. Then after playing The Settlers in a limited way looking at A-Train constantly in low resolution and then finally buying a copy of Star Trek 25th Anniversary only to realise its AGA only I decided to go down the A1200 ownership route.

My first step was to pick up an Accelerator card from ebay as the cheap ones don't come up all that often so picked the following A1200 Hawk board for £60 with 4mb. Thanks to fitzsteve I now have an 8MB stick of RAM winging its way to me to upgrade the board:

Of course I don't have an A1200 yet and I wasn't just going to rush in buying any old yellowed tat from ebay luckily the board seller also posts on Lemon Amiga and happened to mention he was thinking of selling his A1200 in the future which is in perfect condition. Several emails and a bit of bartering later a fully boxed A1200 with WB 3.1 and all the manuals is on it's way in the post in excellent condition, no yellowing in sight.

My first step will be to pull the 2GB CF HD from the A600 then plug that into the A1200 but this time using a 4GB card instead to hold a lot more games for WHDLoad. Just glad the 20MB drive is still working as that will be set back into the 600.

I do have a CF PCMCIA adaptor so transferring stuff to and from the A1200 shouldn't be a problem though I believe the PCMCIA slot won't work when you go over 4MB on the accelerator card so I'll have to leave it as 4 for the time being then upgrade it to 8 when I'm satisifed everything I need is on the HD which should give me masses of maps and stuff to mess with on The Settlers

My main query is about which WB version to use. Now I have the disks for 3.1 so it should just be a straightforward install yet I keep hearing talk of ClassicWB and have had a bit of a trawl around the relevant section of the forum but I'm still not sure what it's all about. Would it really be of any use over 3.1 seeing as I'm only using the system for games?

Sad to see the A600 go but needs must!
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