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Originally Posted by TEOL View Post
The latest version of the Cube RISC website is downgraded from the preivious version.

There seems to be no Lemmings games anymore on there for one.
Previous versions are still available but, honestly, the latest version is a big step up over version 1...
-More functionality
-Lower memory foot-print
-Easier to customise.

Lemmings, Oh No! More Lemmings, and Lemmings II The Tribes are still available on the public server. Also all present and correct in the Classic RiscOS distro - was playing them earlier today.

Um, one or two games have gone from the public view by request of copy-right holder(s). It seems RiscOS-types can be much keener to defend 20+ year old software than is the case for other retro-platforms...

-Update, Update, Update-
Classic RiscOS is now properly up to version 2 - remaining bugs I'm aware of squashed and yet more features / included apps.
As a result the archive has now grown to 151mb despite changing the format to .rar...
...There's now a 'Light' version that weighs in at only 14mb - It's the system install only, stripped of all the additional software, then split onto floppy-friendly chunks for easier install to a real machine.

Sorry, no v2b -> v2.0 updater at the mo'. I've been very short of spare time over the last few months... could use the Light version to update previous versions by hand (minus added software).
Please note: Tom's excellent Arculator isn't included with the Light version.

I hope you all like.

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