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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
A 1 level demo is one thing, but for a company to WILLINGLY give the ENTIRE game makes no sense whatsoever.

it would be commercial suicide for any company to do that.

Sorry, you're just making non-sensical posts now.

The Silents would have given away one table, not the whole game!
Sorry, but you're wrong (again?). There are two types of game demos. First are the
normal demos, easily recognizable. The second types are those demos released
by the authors during the release of the full game, to delay the crack of
the original (for a few days, weeks, months even) which was available for
sale during that time. Not many examples of titles like that, but I'm sure
one of those was Pinball Dreams (2 disks from Skid Row if I remember
correctly) and Curse of Enchantia (4 disk demo). Go ahead and search for
those, I'm sure you'll find out.
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