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Originally Posted by IFW View Post
Alternatively use this (soon), creating ADF files is supported:
There are other alternatives available now.

If you have two floppy disk drives connected to a non-USB FDC in your Windows 2000+ PC, you can use Toni Wilen's (free) adfread program and Simon Owen's (free) Fdrawcmd.sys driver to make ADF images of your Amiga floppy disks.

If you have a DOS boot disk and at least one FAT partition on your IBM compatible PC, you can use the (free) trial version of Vincent Joguin's Disk2FDI program to do the same thing.

If you only have one floppy drive and a parallel port in your PC, the more reliable Registered Disk2FDI program will, for €30, perform the same trick using a two-wire cable between your parallel port and floppy drive port. The Disk2FDI Registered version will, like the Catweasel card, also support a useful range of other disk formats, but will not write images back to disk.
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