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Hi Zed,

Originally Posted by Zed View Post
Use TSGui on a real Amiga to do the conversion to ADF. Then transfer the ADF from the Amiga to the PC witch a nullmodel cable.
Choose this option if you already have a real Amiga and no other floppy disks (e.g. 400K/800K Macintosh format) you wish to convert to images for use with emulation. TSGUI will produce ADFs from Amiga floppy disks and also write them back to disk later if required. Problematic disks will be imaged in extended-ADF (eADF) format (~2MB) - also compatible with WinUAE.

Originally Posted by Zed View Post
Buy the Catweasel MK4+ and read the Amiga floppies on my PC and convert them to ADF.
Choose this option if you likely have no problematic (i.e. copy protected) disks, as the Catweasel card still has no support for this, or if you would prefer to mount Amiga floppy disks directly in WinUAE (support for this is still not complete, however, AFAIK).

The Catweasel MkIV is theoretically able to deal with any floppy disk format with the right drivers. Presently it is able to create images from a number of other floppy disk formats, besides the Amiga, and will write some of them back to disk. The lack of driver updates available is a constant annoyance to the buyers of these cards (myself included).
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