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Experience from Catweasel MK4+

I have about 500 Amiga disks and I would like to convert a lot of them to ADF format, in order to use in WinUAE.

The way I see it, I have two options.

1) Use TSGui on a real Amiga to do the conversion to ADF. Then transfer the ADF from the Amiga to the PC witch a nullmodel cable.

2) Buy the Catweasel MK4+ and read the Amiga floppies on my PC and convert them to ADF.

Now I'm interested to know how good the Catweasel Card is? Will I be able to read most of the Amiga discs or will I still have some limitations?

Since the Catweasel card is quite expensive, what's your opinion about it. Is it worth the money or would a better solution be using the conversion on a real Amiga instead (i.e skip the Catweasel Card) ?

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