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Jonathan Drain
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Help with diskimage.device

I've installed diskimage.lha from Aminet to mount ADF files as virtual floppy disks, but it's not working with any ADF files.

Background: Workbench 3.1, stock A1200, Kickstart 3.0. Copied diskimage.device to devs:, CreateImage and DiskImageCtrl to C: and the DOSDrivers to Sys:Storage/DOSDrivers.

Problem: Opening SYS:Storage/DOSDrivers/DI3 (also DI2 and DI4) from icon or command line gives an error, "'BootBlocks' is not a valid keyword (file 'di3', line 24, column 1)". DI0, DI1 and DI5 give no such errors, but DI0 doesn't show up on Info and DI1 and DI5 give "Not a DOS disk" with a disk inserted.

What's the solution?
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