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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
x86 just doesnt seem in keeping with Amiga to me - high power consumption, high cpu temp, excessive power with little output and Aros, Amithlon ans Winuae already exist for x86 hardware but the Realy high prices of the current PPC boards also is not in Keeping with Amiga. Who Knows...................
Yes, as you point out, x86 CPU's run at a higher voltage, so alas, they produce more heat, but they are cheap. Take a look at the Sam ep board that runs OS 4... then look at the price. I know what I want as I suspect most others are crying out for; performance to price ratio, and that is what x86 brings...

You however strangely compare Aros with Amithlon and WinUAE... Aros is NOT an emulator! Aros is a port of AmigaOS 3.1 that runs on x86 hardware. If you want to know how far Aros has came, it was in development before OS 4.0. OS 4.0 also differs from Aros in the development stage too; Aros is funded by donations (refered to as bounties) whereby the open source community donate money to help develop Aros, whereas AOS 4 is closed source (Hyperion hold the source code, and to whom produce bug fixes).

Open source always reigns supreme, since it uses a larger resource pool of users to help fix bugs. Oh and Aros is free (you only pay if you choose to donate to a bounty or to donate to the compilation of the Icaros live cd).
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