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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Right theres nothing wrong with the ADF.

Best way to run this game, I ran winuae, with my CWB P96 setup. Mounted the ADF and My CF card in winuae. (Note I named the containing folder AF117b - dont think it will matter but thats what I done)

Then I copied all the files from the ADF to my CF card (with DOPUS), popped that back into my real Amiga and ran the game with the Icon. Loads really fast now and works great.

Tested the same procedure (copy the files to the virtual hard drive) in Winuae and the game works fine ran from the icon in workbench
That's a pretty exhaustive test you've done on that disk image, Steve. Just what was required.

Can I submit the AF117a.adf image to you for troubleshooting when I have it ready, mate?
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