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Originally Posted by Titler View Post
Just wanted to publicly say thank you to Prowler for saving both the data for the wider community, and my own personal data...
Thanks, mate, but there's still quite a bit to do on those other disks.

Originally Posted by Titler View Post
I've no real idea how to use the hardfile though, so could someone download the "Coverdisks" zip he put into the Zone for me, and see if you can get the Gunbee demo working?
You can mount the hardfile in WinUAE as a hard disk. Just hit the Hard Drives tab in the configuration panel and choose Hardfile, then navigate to where you unzipped it. When the emulation starts, you should be able to access all the files as if they were stored on another hard disk on your emulated Amiga. It holds all the decompressed files from the lzx archives on the AF117a coverdisk.

However, I'm now confident I'll eventually be able to recover the original data on the AF117a coverdisk, which isn't anywhere near as damaged as I had thought. Then, you should be able to load Gunbee properly if, as you say, there are some files on the other disk that it requires.
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