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Hi Cammy,

The group buy wasn't necessary in the end because the seller was willing to sell cards singly to individuals who requested one. It's still not clear how many cards are available, but there are still two lots of four cards listed.

I sent him a message asking if he would be willing to sell cards individually, and he replied with a link to another listing for a single card at £26.00 post free. However, this was for a single item only and once it had been bought (not by me, I might add), the auction ended.

Lorfarius and fitzsteve bought their cards in the same way, but it is still a mystery who bought the card using the link I was given.

Now, I'm not actually bothered whether I get one of these cards or not, because, although I have A1200s, I don't have an A600. However, if you would like me to buy one on your behalf, I will send him another message telling him that someone else had snapped up the card from the link he sent me before I got there, and asking for another shot.

If you would still like one on this basis, let me know and I'll message him straight away.
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