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to use this card -

you use prepcard - it will give you the option to use this as either memory or as a hardrive -

please note that using this as a hardrive that the battery has a reasonable charge.

The average speed of SRAM memory is 150 - 230ns, on the Amiga this compounded as its PCMCIA is STRICTLY 16bits.

Using this as memory on an 16/32bit A600 is perfectly okay, however using this as memory on the 32bit A1200 you will have a performance loss of about 10%,

In either case you will not get the speed boost of about 33%(A600) - 100%(A1200) (as with a dedicated memory expansion) - this is because it PCMCIA still shares the bus with the custom chips.

Its worth mentioning that using an SRAM as a Harddrive is infact slightly faster than that of the native IDE.

I hope that lots helps.
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