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Thank you very much for your answer.

Oops forgot to format the G partition. How can I be so distracted sometimes...

Yes the HDM image was a clone of the softmod I initially applied to the original drive (which still works). I installed & locked it and it worked one time. Before I took care of those blinking led where SID5 manual tells to set the clock to stop it. Since then no more boot, just black screen after the xbox logo.

I know that SID5 can revert the first drive to original state. I just hope there will be no issues.

Regarding the new HDD: I tried to format it on windows for a fresh start and Partition Magic says it has I/O errors. The drive was 100% working before, coming straight from the shop and tested on peecee. Is it because it is now xbox formatted and locked ? A protection ? Or the drive is f**** up ?
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