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Originally Posted by waal View Post
I used Soft Mod Installer Deluxe v5.01.
Not familiar with it. A quick google shows that SID v5.10 Final is the latest.

I always use Krayzie's Ndure installer.

Originally Posted by waal View Post
~123gb allocated to F but where in the hell is the rest ?
There are two different modes nkpatcher 11 can patch the BIOS. They are named cryptically .6 and .67 (the numbers refer to partition numbers) .6 puts all available space on F: and .67 puts 128gb on F: and the rest on G: It sounds to me like you have the setup which .67

Originally Posted by waal View Post
So I activated the G drive and I got a 0 byte size on screen.
Did you format it?

Originally Posted by waal View Post
It worked well for modding the original HDD except the led blinking that means I have to set time.
Never ever heard of this. LED blinking has always meant the video cable isn't plugged in correctly. I've had my xbox unplugged for weeks and the LED doesn't flash! Maybe it is a "feature" of Softmod installer deluxe. The softmod controls the default state of the LED. It is configurable.

Originally Posted by waal View Post
I set the time in the original xbox dash like they said to stop the led blinking.Since then I always have a black screen after the flubber and the XBOX when I boot the xbox.
Does the hard-drive image you install using XBOXHDM already contain the softmod?

Either way, return to an original unmodified XBOX drive image and apply the Ndure 3.1 Softmod manually using the Windows PC utility prior to using XBOX HDM.

Partition, format, install and then lock the drive with the EPROM key and everything should be great.

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