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It's been days I'm trying to mod. I bought an XBOX 1.0 and used Soft Mod Installer Deluxe v5.01. It worked well for modding the original HDD except the led blinking that means I have to set time.

The real problem is upgrading the hard drive, a 250gb western digital caviar: I backuped my eeprom and the original HD content to my PC. Then I followed the instructions for HDM 1.9 and my new HDD was properly installed.

When I tested the new HDD i found two problems:

(- ~123gb allocated to F but where in the hell is the rest ? So I activated the G drive and I got a 0 byte size on screen.

Edit. Fixed in theory. I forgot I had to format G. Will try when I can boot something on the console.)

- Worse than that, I set the time in the original xbox dash like they said to stop the led blinking. Since then I always have a black screen after the flubber and the XBOX when I boot the xbox.

So I plugged back to the PC the new HDD and redid the HDM 1.9 step. But I always have this black screen when I boot. The original HDD still boots, though.

Thanks for helping me (AlexH ?).

I need my retro fix !!!
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