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BoingBag3 and AfaOS 4.6 ????

Hello guys,

I think I am getting mad about this AfAOS thing !!!!
Just rebuilding a new 3.9 system from scratch and decided after installing BB1+BB2+BB3 and Picasso96 under UAE to give a try to the new version of AfaOS....But it decided to make me going insane !
the fonts are antialiased and looks great for sure, but no way to select a theme in the Afa_prefs the line is grayed and even with forcing tooltip for the icon I cant do a thing
Other problem, I successfully patched Rawbinfo but still no PNG icons for me

I tried C:morelibspace with and without reboot, I tried with my C:Loadmodule line disabled, I tried with morelibspace_module in this very line also....and still nothing

I use icon.library 46.4 of BB3 and when i check with scout, I only have a "poslibspace" of 2408 no matter what...
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