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Hi all

Thought I'd say hello instead of lurking. I've been an Amiga fan for many a year but not used one for a long time now so I shall be calling on your good selves for advice on what to do with my machines in the near future.

Just yesterday I rediscovered a load of old hardware that I'd collected about 12 years ago, in my parent's loft. There's all sorts of stuff up there - I'll give you a quick list:

1 x Vic20
2 x C64
1 x Amiga 500
1 x Amiga 1200
1 x Atari ST
1 x Atari Jaguar
1 x Dragon 32
1 x Spectrum 48K
1 x ZX81
1 x Sinclair QL
1 x Cambridge Z88

All of them boxed. Most of them I'd had as a child, got rid of, and then decided to collect them to own them again. Besides the computers there's a ton of peripherals as well, and a load of magazines such as Zzap 64, Crash, Amiga Shopper, a few copies of Amiga Format and CU Amiga, etc so I've got some sorting to do when I get time but as you can probably tell, I like old computers.

Anyway, the interesting thing is the Amiga 1200. I remember fitting it with a hard drive - 750mb - I think before packing it away, so I fired it up this morning and up popped workbench with something called "Magic Workbench" installed on top (to give it a more modern look I think). It seemed to work ok until I launched any of the games installed on the hard drive at which point the graphics display appeared corrupted. Any idea what would be wrong there?

When I tried booting Turrican II off a floppy the graphics were fine! Go figure.

Anyway as much as I would like to have a machine to use on an everyday basis again, I fear the amount I would need to spend is prohibitive, so I'm thinking of a project for a dedicated WinUAE machine but I'll go in to that another time.

I'm looking forward to getting back into Amigas one way or another and seeing what I can learn on eab.


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