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I also think the HQ filters lifeless...and not suitable for retro machines that were using TV monitors for output;
The second one is the best, but needs some has 100% scanlines and doesn't use bilinear filtering.
I personally find the combination of Bilinear filtering and 25 to 50% scanlines as the best rendering for all retro machines on TV monitors.
(Scanlines without bilinear filtering results in blocky pictures if you look at the edges of forms and models, when adding bilinear to scanlines, the blocky patterns are smoothed and results is faithfully great in my IMHO (The rendering is then similar to screen shots we found on amiga magazines in the 90's))
For Dosbox, i don't use scanlines, since PC machines had the VGA monitor, i use super2sai filter, which i found the least deforming filter and the one giving the best upgraded image of old Dos games.
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