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My A600 has 2 MB CHIP RAM only (No fast RAM) and it has a 256 MB CF hard drive.
It runs (personal customized, not ClassicWB) WB2.1 + MagicWB + HDEnv + KingKON + 2 tools in WBStartUp (PopUpMenu + TBClock). The free memory after WB loading is 1719656.

I don't believe MagicWB eats so much memory. Obviously it has 8 colours vs. 4 colours standard WB icons and therefore it's a bit (but only a bit) slower.
I don't know how much RAM the OS3.1 requires to run on A600 but I can suggest you these tips:
- I have 2 partitions only (24MB + 241MB). More partitions means less memory.
- about MagicWB use max 8 colors palette only; remove MagicWBDemon and Nickprefs in startup-sequence, if you have.
- In startup-sequence I removed Addbuffers df0: too
- Use HDEnv as standard
- Minimize tools in your WBStartUp. Examples: I have PopUpMenu vs. MagicMenu; cf0: for compact flash + ff0: for virtual fast floppy + ToolsDaemon on request only (activation on clicking their icons)

At boot, with the right mouse button I get Kickstart 1.3 screen (ReloKick) and with the left mouse button I get a CLI screen with 1890728 bytes free. is offline  
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