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Hah, yeah, I posted my issue but I resolved it myself. Or so I had thought. Thanks for the welcome though, even if I've made a bit of a bad impression =)

Basically, I'm trying to establish the ability to transfer files between my PC and my Amiga 500 running WB1.3. However, setting it up is proving rather difficult due to a few problems.

At the moment, I don't have access to the Serial preferences on the WB1.3 disk, as when I try to open the Serial icon it gives me the error "Error while opening SYS:Prefs/Preferences 205". I've not done anything to the WB1.3 disc since I got it, so I'm assuming that something's is up with it?

I've tried file transfers without adjusting the settings, but they're all falling short and leaving a file on the RAM disk that's incomplete, which is kinda what I was expecting. Attempting to run it gives the error that I've seen others get of "file is not and object module". Any ideas?

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