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Originally Posted by Bloodwych View Post
Then, using the great guide rare_j posted from lelezetec, it will boot directly into full screen WinUAE VERY quickly:

It almost seems too easy to do!!!! But here you can have a fast booting Amiga x86 with the power of WinUAE, for virtually no cost if you have old hardware lying around.
This guide will get you where you want to go. Chapter 5 covers some of the modifications I had made, along with a few I don't recommend. I'd personally recommend leaving task manager available and the f12 key.

The problem with nLite and its ilk is that it's easy to rip out things you are sure you'd never need, only to discover you need them later.

For a permanent (not usb based, like BartPe) AmigaXP solution, I think that installing plain-old XP, then disabling certain services via .bat script might be the way to go. No legal gray areas, no worries about funky install methods like Micro XP, and painless, simple installation.
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