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More questions! Mouse and Clicking Disk Drive

People are probably getting sick of these now but it can't be helped you guys have helped me out a great deal so far and there's always something new I have to ask So onto the questions!

Mouse - Will any serial mouse work with an Amiga? Despite a good clean and even taking it apart the micro switch on the one that came with my system keeps sticking and refusing to click half the time. Very annoying when you are trying to play a game so I had a look on ebay only to see crazy prices at £15 - £20 a time so I was hoping a cheap PC Serial mouse would do the trick. Any ideas?

Clicking Disk Drive - Playing games from the HD means I don't have FD's in the drives and every few seconds the empty drives click (I assume because the Amiga is checking them). Besides leaving a FD in each drive which can be a pain if you are rebooting repeatedly (I have 3 and its like a chorus ) I was wondering if there was another way to stop this?
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