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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Scanlines don't deliver those results. They don't blur the image and colors.

Btw., in Amiga games I don't need blurriness at all. I prefer them crisp and clear - and beautifully scaled up with hq2x (and without scanlines).

But those old Atari-games seem to really benefit from blurriness. Like with bilinear filtering - only even blurrier.
Stella emulator for the VCS 2600 does it; it has a CRT emulation.

Between, for Speed Run, i saw a youtube video supposedly running on original hardware, on a LCD monitor i think (is it possible to play the Atari 800 on an LCD?)... On the video The position of the mirror is like what it is on the emulator i don't know, maybe the LCD resolution does change how the screen renders
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