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thank you for the info. It was actually Jungle Strike i had, i only played it today. i like it, so i think i will keep it I don't like the way the screen in kind of positioned so its at the top on CD32 games (like the A500 as well) and then there's a big gap at the bottom. i wish it could be fullscreen or central.

Is Elite 2 on CD32 any good?, i had a brief go today and i couldn't work out how to take off (was just playing quickly). the screen area is really small and the demo before the game started was all jerky. maybe u can change the detail level tho to make the screen update faster. i used to like the original Elite on Amiga

I remember on the A500 u could get 128 sprites on screen if you split the 8 sprites up vertically, but u could only have 8 on one row, i guess you can do a similar thing with the AGA chip set.

Those disks sound great, they make the CD32 worth buying just for those! i want to get that biplane game too. BIP i think it was called - would be great in 2 player mode
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