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EasyADF Boot Wizard checks that the Workbench disk matches the Kickstart ROM - if it doesn't - it will complain about a mismatch of disks with Workbench.

We had to add this check, because some customers were using WB 1.3 disks on the A600 and WB 2.0 disks on the A1200 etc.
I think I know what's happened. I bought an A600 Epic pack from ebay which should have included an A600HD unit but looking at the system its just a standard A600 which had the 20mb drive thrown in. When I've gone and fit a 2gb Compact Flashcard I've used the 2.05 WB disks I had to do the install which is part of the Epic pack. Must be a later edition of WB than the Kickstart chip
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