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A hidden folder and WB upgrade query

Trying to get WHDLoad to work downloaded the shareware version from the site and unzipped the contents. Copied the results onto a CF card, bunged that into the Amiga then copied the whole lot (using Dopus) onto my Work and Workbench folders. Dopus says its there and shows it as such and the space on each drive has gone down to show it but the folders just don't show as visible when I open Work or WB. I'm sure it's something obvious but can anyone help?

I also purchased a copy of EasyADF from the Amigakit site but during the install it says I need to have a later version of WB (I'm using 2.05 on an Amiga 600). Will a later version like WB3.1 work on my system and will I lose everything on the drives or does it let you do an upgrade during install?
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