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Greetings all

New member here and just noticed this area so I thought I'd introduce myself in a unique format: a timeline of my life based on events related to the Amiga!
1974 - I was born in Melbourne, Australia and as a baby cried a lot, presumably because video games and the Amiga weren't invented yet

1982 - I played my first video game - Galaga - at a local shopping centre. A passion for video games was lit inside me.

1983 - Started playing the Atari 2600 at friend's houses whenever possible

1987 - Was introduced at a friend's house to the C64, parents refused to purchase me one

1989 - My older brother's got an A500, I think the first game I saw was Nebulus or Flight Simulator. The first demos I saw were Wild Copper and DOC Demon. I was mesmorised and built up a massive collection of demos and games, my favorite all time Amiga games were IK+ and Interceptor. Demos were Enigma, Mental Hangover, Cebit 90 and most Eric Schwartz demos.

1993 - Went halves in an A1200 with my brother who was still living at home

1998 - Had lost some interest in computing and video games, maybe because what I think of now as the "golden age" of gaming had passed, moved to Japan, in my abscence my mum cleaned out my room and threw out about a 6 year collection of CU Amiga magazine

2003 - Bought a PS2, got back into gaming then computing big time.

2010 - Still living in Japan (where according to my research only about 10,000 Amigas were sold ), occasionally overcome with massive feelings of nostalgia for the Amiga which I sate by coming here, reading the old reviews on the Amiga magazine rack web-page and using WinUAE.

1 DAY AGO - I spoke to my brother via Skype and he said he still has the 2 Amigas packed away in his garage and all the software as well We agreed to a game of IK+ next time I visit.

Nice to meet you all!

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