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I have a Dell XPS420 Its 3gb, quad Q6600 cpu and 8800 gt card. It handles GTAIV and modern games with ease. Just never had much fun with ps2 emu. I think of the top of my head each game needs certain settings and ive not really fiddled as much as i can due to the psx2 emu being a beta. Ive thought recently about ps2 emu/playing the games again and to be honest, i dont really get nostalgic about the ps2 in the same way i did after 10 years since the amiga/speccy/ps1 had passed. I guess thats because the games i used to play on ps2, pro evo 6, race driver, silent hill 2 3 4, gta 3 and vice city were all ironically owned on the pc and were much better games for it. Better resolution etc. Maybe the ps2 isnt quite retro yet........
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