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I guess its possible it could do so. I just meant its not really built as a console, for playing games. even the hardware scrolling is a bit difficult - is not tile based so is hard to do background animations The CPU is really powerful u are right though, i have a Neo Geo console too and its amazing what it can do with just it's 68000 CPU and all those sprites , i would guess the blitter on CD32 has to share clock cycles with the CPU, i know it did on the A500, which slows the CPU down a bit. i would hope there may be some homebrew games which will one day show what it really can do. i was just watching a vid of GLOOM on CD32 that looks amazing considering.

wow i like the sound of those compilation disks! i really want to play Player Manager and Paradroid 90 on my CD32, i hope u can get those, i was having trouble finding a list of contents for those disks.
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