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I'd prefer an 8MB expansion on any Amiga than a 4MB one. 4MB isn't enough for many programs, but 8MB is just enough for most of them to run. Of course people who only play games with their Amigas probably wouldn't notice, but there are many of us who still like to use the Amiga for its OS and programs on the original hardware and I don't see how making a new expansion 8MB instead of 4MB in this day and age would bump the cost up that much higher. I definitely think any new CD32 expansion needs either an IDE port or a CF slot so the CD32 has some internal storage. The icing on the cake would be a Clockport and a Real-Time Clock, then the CD32 is maxed out as much as it can be without a CPU upgrade.

The CD32 has no PCMCIA port so there's no conflicting with that causing the card to only need 4MB RAM. Putting only 4MB on any Amiga expansion card is like saying "This is for games only, nothing else!". Same with any new A1200 RAM card, but that would need an automatic switch (software controlled perhaps) to make it 5.5MB when the PCMCIA slot is in use like the DKB 1202 does.
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