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Minix on Amiga

Hi All,

Not sure if this is the right forum for this question or not, but here goes. Has anyone ever tried running Minix on the Amiga? I've read up on it a little and it says it's supported on the A500 and A2000, but I was wondering if anyone had tried it on any other configurations? Specifically, I have an A1200 and was wondering if it would work on that.

If it doesn't work on the A1200, does anyone know why? Would it be because of the AGA chipset? Would be good to know what the problem was to see how plausible it would be to port to the A1200 (and similar machines).

FWIW, I know AmigaOS is awesome, etc. etc. but this is more of a hobbyist question - would like to try something different on the Amiga - something with source code, no less!

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