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Please help with Info for my CD32

Hi i recently sold off my old A500 and i have just a CD32. I love the game Exile which i have on BBC Master, Amiga A500, Amiga AGA version and AMiga CD32. if i buy all the necessary equipment can i play these versions (obviously not the BBC version) on my CD32? what expansion module should i get?. I do have one but i am not sure if it is the best module (it is a Paravision SX-1) i fi get an add on module will my CD32 play all A1200 games?

What games are good on the CD32? - i don't mind if they are A500 games - those ones that got quick conversions since i no longer have my other Amiga.

so far i like guardian, Zool, Skeleton Crew (though it has a strange control system), and Exile (tho i like the more zoomed out screen on the old Amiga version). I played Oscar which seems a bit poor esp with teh control panel taking up so much of the screen

Please recommend me more games to get. Thank you for any help, sorry for so many questions
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