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kriz: It really seems that way.


SX-32: yeah, I've been thinking of getting an SX-32 myself some day, but I'm going to wait before I do an active search for one. Isn't the 32 more expandible than the SX-1? What's your specs on it if you don't mind me asking?

RAM: I only have 4mb at the moment, but when I find an 8mb-mem I will install it, it will probably not be long before I do

Doom: I'll have to download Doom and try it out, seems strange to play doom on an Amiga but hey, if it can do it, why not

NeonLight's Workbench CD: I actually downloaded it before I did anything else on the Amiga, I needed some software from it to get things running easily, I could probably have done it in some other way, but why do extra work when you don't have to.

HDD: I actually have Hard Drive, that's mainly because I already had a couple of 2,5's lying around not being used so I figured why not use it in the SX-1?
I only have a 1gb being used at the moment though, I will update to 20gb in a couple of days when I get to borrow my friend's HD-USB-connector, I will install classicWB when I get that.

LCD: I don't have an LCD-TV at the moment, but I'm using my 100hz TV which displays a good enough picture (not with Hi-res obv ). But thanks for the tip though, I will probably utilize it when I feel like buying one of them modern televisions.

Peilton: Thanks for the welcome man, Yeah, the SX-1 was like a blessing when I got it, even if it took me long enough to really utilize it.

Sorry for breaking down my reply into sections but it's easier to answer questions that way, even if it seems more impersonal.
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