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Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum. You have a CD32 with an SX-1? Nice! I hope you have a full 8MB Fast RAM for it. I also own a CD32, but with an SX32 which does about the same thing, but it fits inside the CD32. It's a great system for Workbench, and perfect for developing games on. It also runs DOOM better than an A1200 with FastRAM.

If you haven't already got it, check out NeonLight's Workbench CD, which should have plenty of useful software on it that you can install on your SX-1's hard drive.

Do you have a hard drive in it or a Compact Flash card? CF cards are fast and don't draw extra power like a hard drive does, so many of us use them in our Amigas and CD32s now to save the original PSU from overloading.

Have you tried your CD32 with an LCD TV through S-Video? I use mine with one and the image is perfect, I run Workbench in High Res Interlace and there's no flicker.

I hope you have fun with your Amigas and get involved with some of the community projects that are going on, there's plenty of stuff to do with these classic machines.
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