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>while you at it why you put SYS:c/ when c: will do?

I was thinking that it might be faster. However, on further reflection it probably isn't, because it would have to search the assign list for SYS: anyway.

Originally Posted by gulliver
AHI prefs doesnt work, because it is the MUI version! It is a BB3 bug. What follows is the obvious bugfix. You should simply delete AHI prefs from the archive, and so when BB3 is installed the old one, ReAction based will remain and work together with AHI 6.7.
OK, I will check this issue out, I hate MUI :-) . But do the two versions have equivalent functionality?

Re. the old-style translator prefs icon, I did mention this issue during beta testing. However I don't consider myself to be much of an artist so was hoping someone with some talent in this area would make such an icon. There doesn't seem to be a glowicon available for it at the present time.
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