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The A600 is a very misunderstood computer! Actually it's my second fav next to the A1000 (the "REAL" Amiga LOL) and has drained my wallet lots of times in the past. If only it had the decent support it deserved... I remember the ACA 630/40 and prayed it would come to the market, but i guess it disappeared. Imagine the power of a 030/40 and 128 MB RAM, now that would make it a beast! It could easily be a multi-OS machine and run Mac OS (</= 8.0) as an alternative -although in 16 colours. I know it can handle it since i have the experience from the Viper 630.
Don't let any one fool you that this is an unexpandable machine. Got the dough? Then you can fix 'er up real nice!
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